Filming At The Daughter: Englishman In L.A.

Events, Fashion, LA 2 years ago

Last week we had an interesting band of characters stay at the hotel. The web series Englishman In L.A. filmed over the course of two days at FDH and Tart. On the first night, they filmed a scene where two characters, Tom and Sammy, get ambushed by paparazzi while leaving Tart. I got casted on the spot to play one of the paparazzi snapping away.

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The next day the scene portrayed a raucous morning after between lead actor Cameron Moir and Glee’s Ashely Fink. The crew did a great job trashing the hotel room.

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Instagram celebrity Lindsey Pelas showed up to film a couple scenes

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For the last shot, Tom and Sammy shared a drink in a cabana. The second they yelled “Cut!” on the final take, it started pouring rain. Nature’s way of telling us we were done for the day!

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