Art 2 years ago

Hats Off to Dr. Seuss!

You have the opportunity to revisit your childhood with Dr. Seuss’ expansive and legendary hat collection, but only until May 10 at EC Gallery in Beverly Hills. And no, this is not some silly little display of baseball caps, this is a huge exhibition featuring headdresses as fantastical and extraordinary as Seuss’ stories. Seuss was […]

Art, Events 3 years ago

Month of Photography Los Angeles

Don’t worry, just because we’re starting the last full week in April doesn’t mean Month of Photography L.A. (MOPLA) is winding down. Honestly, it’s pretty much the opposite – especially for the participating galleries near Farmer’s Daughter Hotel. The first of the remaining local events takes place at The Loft at Liz’s, which is located […]

Art 3 years ago

April at Craft and Folk Art Museum

April at the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) brings another excellent collection of unique exhibitions. Three exhibits are currently on display at CAFAM, including multimedia works by Jones Becker, a look at contemporary male quilt-makers and a look at photography of contemporary Iran. Jonas Becker’s exhibit, titled The Pile, features video, photography and handcrafted […]

Art, Events 3 years ago

Westweek 2015 at Pacific Design Center

Pacific Design Center (PDC) is hosting Westweek 2015 this Wednesday and Thursday, and in doing so, bringing the world of design to the West Coast. Everything from classy champagne receptions, sustainable practices showcases, contemporary art galleries, product debuts and releases, architecture showcases and even reality TV are present at Westweek 2015, officially called “Design Comes […]

Art 3 years ago

Laluzapalooza at La Luz de Jesus

Self-described as “The greatest group show in history,” Laluzapalooza has something to prove. But seeing as they received some 16,000 submissions last year and only displayed around 300, this isn’t some toss-around amateur hour; it’s the largest group show “from the gallery that created this art scene”: La Luz de Jesus. Well, it is technically […]

Art 3 years ago

#mARTchmadness and Matthew Carden

This month PurePhoto, a fine art photography gallery, is curating an Instagram exhibition of interior designers, artists, and bloggers that you need to know about. Follow @PurePhoto or search the hashtag #mARTchmadness for their month long photo journey through the artistic eyes of carefully selected tastemakers of today. Most of them are local to the […]

Art 3 years ago

Dani Tull’s “From Enchantment to Eschaton” at LAM Gallery

LAM Gallery is currently hosting the first major solo show of L.A.-native artist Dani Tull. Tull’s exhibition, From Enchantment to Eschaton, features a collection of his work which “[achieve] a symbiosis between aestheticized formalist principles and an exploration into the subconscious mind and aspects of transpersonal psychology,” according to LAM Gallery. Bright colors and unique forms make […]

Art 3 years ago

Wallspace LA Art Gallery

Wallspace isn’t an ordinary L.A. art gallery. Put simply: If you hate pretentious art galleries and enjoy art, you’ll  love Wallspace. The space and art is approachable, unique, diverse (some 50 artists are featured) and practical for an everyday art lover and collector. The gallery sells, rents and leases its art to anyone looking for […]

Art 3 years ago

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich at Fahey/Klein Gallery

Ever wondered what Dorothea Lange’s famous photo “Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California” would look like if the focal point were actor John Malkovich? NO!? Well too bad because you’re about to find out. Fahey/Klein Gallery, located a little over a mile from Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, is currently hosting the extraordinary work of photographer Sandro Miller who recreated famous […]

Art, Photo 3 years ago

Street Shooting at the Los Angeles Center of Photography

Street photography is the art of capturing candid moments in public spaces. This is a pretty loose definition and includes everything from human interaction to shots of a decidedly human landscapes with no human subjects present. The genre is the basis for the Street Shooting photography competition the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) hosted […]