Celebrate LA PRIDE in West Hollywood!

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We expect you will read every sentence of this post as if it ends in an exclamation point, because that’s what LA PRIDE is all about! LA PRIDE 2015, running from June 12-14, is jam packed with live entertainment ranging from concerts to awards to a parade through the streets of West Hollywood. And yes, this parade is exactly what you’re thinking it is. And it’s glorious.

Tickets are $40 for the weekend and $20 per day and give you full access to all of LA PRIDE’s festivities. Musical acts include Kesha, Fifth Element, Tinashe and more. But the highlight is the parade; it’s always the parade, everyone knows that. In case you didn’t know that, just be sure to include your boa and leopard banana hammock when packing up for this weekend’s stay at Farmer’s Daughter and find out very soon. Check out the parade map and scout out your spot. Live music and entertainment is sprinkled along the parade’s route and doesn’t require passes.

If you still have energy left after Saturday’s parade, spend the rest of your night slinging back drinks and partying with the cast of Transparent. And what better way to celebrate LA PRIDE than brunch with us Sunday morning. Nothing like some champagne and French toast to get you ready for Sunday’s PRIDE concerts and events. la-pride-parade002_lmp57xnc