Fashion 3 years ago

Melody Ehsani Flagship Store

It’s no secret that I love Melody Ehsani jewelry. I already have several pieces added to my holiday wishlist (like this madonna hand chainĀ and an astrology necklace). In addition to the allure of their quirky, colorful items, the flagship store’s bright white walls and sweet girly scents, thanks to M.E. candles, are just as enticing. […]

Art, Fashion, Photo 3 years ago

Akisha & The Skater Boys

My favorite part of our empty pool shoot was when Akisha and the skater boys were there at the same time. Stephen stopped by on his way to work and skated for awhile before the other boys came around. Make sure you check out our previous posts about the skateboarders in the empty pool!

Art, Fashion 3 years ago

Akisha and Tommy

The pool of The Farmer’s Daughter is getting a makeover, so while empty and out of use, I just had to use it for multiple photoshoots. I found Akisha shopping on Fairfax and insisted she come back to the hotel to take photos. Luckily she just bought new clothes to show off, like this Tommy […]

Fashion, LA 3 years ago

Welcome to Fairfax Avenue

Visit the main stretch of blocks between Melrose and 3rd and there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to see- skaters. The mecca of Los Angeles streetwear breeds a new generation of kids wearing Dope snapbacks and riding Supreme Skateboards. After Dani and I went to Odd Future, we ran into Tyler The Creator & Co. across […]

Fashion 3 years ago

Odd Future

The Odd Future store is one of my favorite streetwear shops on Fairfax. OFWGKTA isn’t just a store/rap group/tv show/cult, it’s a way of life. The tongue-in-cheek, trendy illustrations that grace the fronts of tshirts, socks, and skateboard decks owes its success to the face of the brand, Tyler The Creator, who can frequently be […]

Fashion, LA 3 years ago

Pink Dolphin

If you’re familiar with some of the skate stores on Fairfax Ave, you definitely know Pink Dolphin. I was always fond of it just for its cheerful, aqua blue exterior. But shuffling through the racks of clothes, I quickly realized why they’re one of the leading storefronts on Fairfax. Their motto is Legends At Our […]

Fashion, LA 3 years ago

Flight 001

I’ve been having a serious case of wanderlust recently, and that only increased when I stepped into Flight 001 on West Third Street. This chic little store has everything you need to make your travel plans 10x easier and 10x more stylish. They have all the things you know you’ll need- durable yet good-looking luggage, […]

Art, Fashion 3 years ago

Street Art and Style at The Seventh Letter Flagship Art Gallery

Seventh Letter is more than just an art gallery, it’s a brand. The flagship store, located just down the street from Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, doubles as a gallery and retailer for The Seventh Letter. Within The Seventh Letter, the established, gritty and raw lifestyle associated with graffiti and street art pairs with the polished and […]

Fashion, Food 3 years ago

Diet Coke

There are a lot of things I love about The Farmer’s Market. I’ve been a million times and I still get lost in its rows of vendors selling everything from gourmet, sugar-free, gluten-free cupcakes to cheap doughnuts, to stickers and hot sauce. I never tire of tourist shops selling I Heart Hollywood lighters and keychains. […]

Fashion, LA 3 years ago

Boost your sneaker game at Fight Club LA

Dying to get the best sneakers without waiting for days outside of Footlocker for an opportunity to buy a pair at retail? Wish you had those limited Jordan 4’s but tired of being outbid on eBay? Then Fight Club LA is your place. This isn’t your ordinary shoe store. It’s a sneaker showcase specializing in […]