Food 3 years ago

The Dime

The Dime is the ultimate Fairfax dive bar. Good drinks, friendly staff, a DJ playing old school hip hop, and a colorful group of locals willing to share a drink with you. Shanna and I stopped by, despite the rain, ordered whiskey-gingers and danced to Snoop. The photos on the walls portray perfect Los Angeles culture […]

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Creative Drinking at Tart

The idea behind Creative Drinking started with a group of friends who needed a place where them and their artistic acquaintances could go to drink together. Now they host events at different locations every month, so their creative friends can bring their creative friends, and everyone from photographers, screenwriters, and designers, plus everything in between, […]

Food 3 years ago

Sloppy Mamis at Umami Burger

We started out with sweet potato fries coated in cinnamon sugar before progressing to the Sloppy Mami- Umami Burger‘s new veggie sloppy joe made from braised lentils, mushrooms and tomatos, topped with jalepeno, chedder cheese, Umami crema, and onion strings. It was a drizzly December day at The Grove and Brandon and I needed fuel before […]

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Thanksgiving Menu From Tart Restaurant

Whether you will be staying at The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel during the holiday, or will be in the area and want a delicious Thanksgiving meal with none of the work or clean up, Tart has put together a special menu you are sure to be thankful for. Adults $35, Kids $15 For the table: Buttermilk […]

Food 3 years ago

Carrot Dogs from Fritzi Dog

There’s a restaurant inside The Farmer’s Market that has a interesting take on the veggie dog- using a singular veggie in place of meat. A giant carrot, grilled just like a normal hot dog, and served in a pretzel or original bun with different fix-ins from their veggie menu. I went to Fritzi Dog after […]

Food 3 years ago

Tea at T

Kota loves tea. In fact, we’ve been to two different tea parties together within the last month. That’s why I wanted to take her to T inside The Farmer’s Market. This little shop has every herb and flower you could hope to brew into water. Since YouTube star Kota is one of biggest girly girls I […]

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Correspondance Magazine Launch Party At Tart

The Citizens of Culture website was created to celebrate young artists hustling to make a name for themselves. That entity has now evolved into a print magazine thanks to creative entrepreneur Maceo Paisley. In addition to being an online curator and magazine editor, Maceo is a musician and the designer of a men’s accessories line […]

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I can always count on having a good time when I run into my friend Dan Keyes, which I did after having having dinner and drinks at Canter’s and The Kibitz Room with Alexandria. He insisted we join him at Darkroom and I couldn’t say no. Darkroom is one of my favorite bars in L.A.; Friendly bartenders, cult classics playing on […]

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Italian Feast of San Gennaro

Set the date for September 26 through 28 and prepare yourself for the best of Italian food, fun and charity in L.A. Taking place off Highland Avenue about three miles from Farmer’s Daughter, the 13th Annual Galbani Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro is just a quick drive north. Inspired by the almost one-century-old celebration […]

Food 3 years ago

The Kibitz Room

After Alexandria and I had dinner at Canter’s, we dipped next door to The Kibitz Room to grab a drink. I always like to try house cocktails so I picked the craziest one I saw on the menu- The Chocolate Martini. Alexandria is more Old Fashioned, and ordered just that. The bar was divey, with […]