Get Your Live Performance Fix at Room 5 Lounge

Food, LA, Music 3 years ago

This unassuming venue located right off La Brea is possibly the best place to see rising local acts without huge crowds or big cover charges. With a full-service kitchenRoom 5 Lounge  is almost as much an Italian restaurant as it is a live music hotspot. For those looking to spend a lively yet romantic and laid back evening within walking distance of Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, Room 5 is certainly one of the best options.


Almost every night at Room 5 is a tour de force of live acts, with some nights hosting four or five live performances hourly from 7 p.m. until midnight. And with the relatively small performing and seating area, Room 5 provides one of the most intimate experiences between guests and performers in Los Angeles.

Coming up this weekend is Roem Baur, Brenda Carsey & Gyasi Ross, Sean Makhuli, and Honey County on Friday; and Alexa Merrill, Tarra Layne, Clive Kennedy, and Best of Friends on Saturday.