Who Needs Louis Vuitton?

Art, Events 2 years ago

My friend Jesse Azarian had a brilliant idea. Art should be affordable and shareable. Whether you are creating, buying, or just appreciating, art is about participation and can be enjoyed by everyone, so why not put on a show of affordable art done by himself and other creatives who share his philosophy? He handcrafted his own cardboard luggage to pack up from Vermont and head west to The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel.

RSVP to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Cheap Art Show this Thursday

All the art will be between $1-$75, cash only, and will feature paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs. RSVP via the Facebook page and snag a free cocktail upon arrival. After that, drinks are only $5, and $10 for Keith’s Cheap Eats appetizer plate. Plus Ellen will be offering tours of the newly renovated Robin Rooms, each with a custom art installation.