Jac Sharp: At The Table with The Table Maker

Art 2 years ago

There is a certain transient energy always buzzing around the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel. Whether it is guests of the hotel checking in and out, or a dinner party at Tart Restaurant that is just visiting with us for couple hours, people are always moving. Amidst this movement somethings are constant, though not always seen. Our staff, and partners, frequent our spaces so much we imagine them as our own locals. The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel is as much a business as any but we value the relationships between people we work with. One of these relationships is with Jac Sharp, founder and CEO of FORT Goods. This Downtown Los Angeles, based furniture design studio is like no other.

1 Table Sillouhette

According to Sharp, 40% of what we find in landfills is from building materials, and our recycling efforts often take a lot of energy to make our old things useable again. Instead, at  FORT they reclaim old furniture, leathers, wood, and metal to create and beautify pieces that were thought to be past their use. We found Jac seated at TART restaurant working on her laptop and chatted over lunch about her work and involvement with the recent TART renovation.

2 menu option

Of course before discussing the project we had to get some thing to eat. Jac chose the Fresh Fig Salad with Feta Cheese from the Tart dinner menu and added steak. She remarked that it was an interesting option because it felt fresh but hearty like healthy comfort food.

A nice irony came over us as we sat at the tables, realizing that Jac had been the one who built them. Having tapped BAM Design to tackle the interior renovation of the restaurant, we were pleased to find that they commission FORT to create something special to live in the space that fit the style and theme of the redesign. Having spent a lot of time on her great uncle’s farm in Spring Grove, Minnesota Jac called upon that inspiration to take a modern twist on the harvest picnic table she remembers from her childhood. “It is so great to move to LA and have this twist on a farm house that is sexy, and sleek. I tried to bring that into the design element of the table.”

3 Table ConstuctionJPG

There were also some technical considerations taken based on how the table would be used, the planks are wider so that glasses and plates can fit on them, and she left tiny spaces between them so that any debris could be wiped off the table and swept from the floor. What’s more is that the pieces are all made from reclaimed wood from local Los Angeles houses that were renovated or destroyed, so the wood was re-sourced locally.

4 Interior

Jac says the likes Farmer’s Daughter because of its friendly playful style in a city that often takes itself too seriously. FORT is so named, because of the way we would building things from found objects around the house. Now, Jac Sharp has turned that philosophy into a business that makes things out of found object in her city.