Cal Alumni Event With Mandy Kahn

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We at The Farmer’s Daughter are always looking to bring together like minded groups of people for quality experiences. So when we have the chance to host such an amazing group, it is an opportunity for us to shine as doing what we love.  Jefferson Coombs is the Executive Director  of the Cal Alumni Association of UC Berkeley. We have a special bond with this group as one of the owners of The Farmer’s Daughter is a Cal graduate. Thursday, April 2nd marked the quarterly breakfast gathering at our very own Tart restaurant. Cal undergraduate and post bachelor alumni from a wide range of years came together to meet, share their experiences, and support each other.


This group was privileged to have class of 2000 alumnus and poet, Mandy Kahn as a feature guest. Since her time at Cal she has become an accomplished artist.  She has authored two books, one of non-fiction prose as a collaboration with Aaron Rose,  Collage Culture and more recently published a book of poetry titled Math, Heaven, Time. Reaching across disciplines Mandy has also written poetry for opera, like her collaboration with Ellen Reid, MODERN ODYSSEUS,  and she is currently working on The New Opera Hopscotch, which will take place in a series of cars and stationary venues set to open this October.

Mandy shared a new work written specifically for the engagement and asked that the audience feel free to question the ideas posed in her work as a means of initiating dialogue.

mandy speaking wide

As Cal Alumni are such a diverse group, the responses ranged from those pertaining directly to her piece to more personal questions about the life of a creative here in Los Angeles. Mandy gave insight to the ups and downs that come with being an artist but acknowledges it is a solid community of cohorts that has enabled her to thrive. This city stands out as one with a growing creative community and unique opportunities that come along with the intersection of art, music and entertainment.

She spoke further about the adaptability of poetry to fit within other mediums imparting that internationally it is a more common place occurrence to happen upon poetry in the everyday. While here in America the poetry community is predominantly composed of other poets and academics, places like Scotland consume poetry along with sports,  music, and other forms of casual entertainment.

mandy and jefferson

The event concluded with a gracious thanks from Jefferson and a meet and greet with Mandy. CALIFORNIA, a publication from the Cal Alumni Association was available as a parting gift. Each and every event held at the Farmer’s Daughter and Tart is one that we take great pride in hosting. This was no exception,  we look forward to future events with Jefferson and the other members from the Cal Alumni breakfasts.