The Man In The Suit

Music 3 years ago

Marc Baker is a man about town. He’s working on his first solo album, which he just recorded in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. These days you can see him spin some New Order, Ramones, and INXS at his monthly party, Strangeways, at The Ace Hotel. No matter where you see him, whether it’s pouring his guts out onstage or drinking at Dirty Laundry, he’s never not in a perfectly tailored suit.

Marc came by The Farmer’s Daughter where we started off our night with shots of whiskey via Whiskey Hour (that’s free whiskey tasting for hotel guests everyday in the lobby from 5-6pm) then graduated to Happy Hour at Tart where we got a Moscow Mule and a Scout’s Honor, and I asked him a few questions.


Who is your creative muse?

Any and every relationship I have been in or want to be in. The outsider’s outsider, the human struggle. I pull so much from everything that it never really is just one thing or one person. I’m always writing, even when I’m out, I’ll get an idea, write it down, save it for later. I guess you could say I’m a pretty blue collar artist. The faucet is always on.


Favorite Album of all time?

This is a pretty heavy question for me and a really hard question to answer. I guess my answer should be more like a a certain period or time in my life. High school really shaped and changed my life. Like made me who I am. I can’t just name one. Sorry.



Tell me about your latest project.

I’m not really sure how much I can or can’t talk about it, but I’ve just spent two months in Australia working on music with Ben Plant from Miami Horror. It might be something people hear this year, I’m not sure when or how yet, we are still working on it. I am very excited for it. I want it in the world already.


At this point we decided to travel down the street and visit Marc’s friend Bradley. Being the polite guests we are, we stopped by the gas station and picked up a case of beer for him.


50 copy

55 copy






We left Bradley’s place to carry on with our bar hopping. The first stop was Rosewood Tavern, where I continued the whiskey theme of the night, then took an Uber to Lubitsch.



What are your favorite local hangouts?

I like Family Bookstore, those are good people, I go there every now and then. Melrose Trading Post on Sundays, I like that. Lubitsch is a bittersweet place for me. I met my now ex there. Something like 3 years ago. I’m not sure. So that place always reminds me of all the bad things I’ve gone thru because of a person. I wish it reminded me of the good things but unfortunately in hindsight, they are few and far between. So if I go there, I drink and hope to burry it all.








What does “Do It At The Daughter” mean to you?

A gentlemen never tells.