Meet a Saber-Tooth Cat at the Tar Pits’ Page Museum

Events, LA 2 years ago

We give a lot of love to LACMA, arguably the landmark museum of Miracle Mile, but often overlook its equally worthwhile (though in very different ways) neighbor, the Page Museum. The slightly monolithic stone-white building nestled in the hill behind La Brea’s famed Tar Pits is a wonderful destination for families, science lovers, and budding Indiana Jonses. For nearly a century, fossils pulled from the pits and surrounding areas have provided dense research materials for the Page’s archeological team, who turn recent finds into exciting new exhibits. Because of their proximity to such a major site of well-preserved prehistoric life, the Page has become one of the world’s best destinations for Ice Age history.


The centerpiece of the Museum is the exciting, interactive Ice Age Encounters, a fifteen minute odyssey that bridges a 10,000 year gap and brings audiences face-to-face with a Saber-Tooth Cat. Not a real one, though it’s easy to be fooled: the puppeteering experts at Jim Henson’s Workshop built the creature (and its adorable pup) in close collaboration with the museum’s scientists, creating a convincingly realistic cat. During the presentation, film clips and live performance combine to immerse audiences in the Ice Age world of these fascinating creatures.


There’s plenty more to see at the Page, too. In addition to Ice Age Encounters, guests can watch paleontologists work in real-time in the Fossil Lab, take in the natural beauty of the Atrium, and of course, visit the world-famous Tar Pits. Adult tickets to the Page Museum are $12, with discounts offered to children, students and the elderly. Admission to Ice Age Encounters, which shows at various times Friday through Sunday, is an additional $3.