Scent Bar

Fashion, LA 3 years ago

Admittedly I have never been a connoisseur of perfume. I always felt bad about that because when I was younger I read a quote by Coco Chanel that said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future,” so every time I left the house without spritzing, I felt like I was letting Coco down. I did not want to be a woman with no future. Yet every time I went to the mall and tested out the perfumes I thought I would like, based only on status, name, and how the bottle looked, I was let down. They all smelled more or less the same to me, and if a woman’s perfume is her future, why should it smell like everyone else’s?

The first perfume I fell in love with and bought for myself was Rain by Demeter. To this day if I get a whiff of it, I’m suddenly sixteen again. And the first time I felt that sense memory, I realized how important perfume is. A certain smell with remind you of a specific person, place, or time in your life. When you meet someone new and smell their perfume, you are discovering a little bit of their personality without saying a word. Are they feminine and floral? Serious and musky? Comfortable like clean laundry?

Whether or not you were a strong believer in having a signature scent before you walked into Scent Bar, I guarantee you will be by the time you leave. The perfumes and colognes are organized by type- musc, beachy, fruity floral, light floral, boozey, leather, and so on, so start testing the ones that appeal to your personality. Their perfumes are unique and high quality, so you will not find the same grandma scents from the mall or the cheap stuff that wears off after 20 minutes. Try out their most popular scent- Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. They say it is so popular because customers always get complimented by other people on the simple allure of the scent. I was attracted to some of the men’s scents, particularly Colonia Russa, and the beautiful bottles of Annick Goutal. Scent Bar is located at 7405 Beverly Blvd.