What’s Up With That Billboard?

Art, LA 2 years ago

You know the one. Or perhaps you don’t – it’s so innocuous, you’d be forgiven for not noticing that the small billboard above Undefeated‘s 1st & La Brea brick and mortar has spent more than a decade without a single advertisement. Instead, the billboard has hosted dozens genuine art pieces over the years, a novel concept that has produced a ton of arresting images. Some beautiful, some conceptual, some that offer commentary and plenty that add fun to the drab stretch of La Brea.

As Undefeated themselves put it:

The Undefeated Billboard Project is a unique collaboration between Undefeated, Aaron Rose and Nike. Perched above the Undefeated location on La Brea in Los Angeles, California the Undefeated Billboard Project is a reflection of our store and the culture it represents. It takes the work of both fine artist and street artist and places it in an area where it normally wouldn’t be displayed. This collaborative effort lends for a stunning addition to the visual landscape of Los Angeles.

A stunning addition, indeed. Since the billboard is slightly smaller than the average size, commuting Angelenos would be forgiven for not always noticing it. In fact, part of the brilliance of the art project is it’s “hidden-in-plain-sight” appeal: even those who might have noticed one of the pieces over the years  might not have realized that it is part of an ongoing project. For those in the know, that makes it even cooler.

Take a look at our gallery of past billboards. Who knows what will pop up next?Untitled-1